Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Oil Pastelsss

For this project, we had to create a composition that included a reflective object and draw it using oil pastels. My goals for this work was to use strong and bold colors to create an interesting drawing and I accomplished this by creating coordinating colors. What surprised me about doing this drawing was the ease of blending and the layers of color I could create. The most difficult challenge I had to face was the reflective Christmas ornament and I met this challenge by suggesting the reflected images and by using an array of different colors and blending. I experienced the shift to artistic thinking when I began to see all of the different colors in every component of my composition. My drawing really works with the color palette I chose. I learned more about blending and mixing colors while doing this drawing that I intend to bring to future works. I really loved Lauren's drawing; she drew her objects in a way that leads your eye across the page. If I had a do-over, I would draw the yellow paper differently, but I am overall happy with my work.