Sunday, November 27, 2016


In this challenge, we had to post our interpretation of "leftovers."

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Charcoal from Photo Drawing

This is an emotionalist drawing of me holding a vinyl record to conceal my face. I used charcoal and white chalk to contrast the darks and the lights in my piece. My goal for this drawing was to make the viewer feel something and create a dark tone. I really struggled with the hands in this picture.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Carry Out Charcoal Drawing

My goals and intentions for this work was to create dramatic shadows and an overall interesting composition. I accomplished this by placing my light source to the upper left of my set up to form a long shadow and by placing the chopsticks in a way to lead the viewer's eye into my drawing. While creating this drawing, the amount of trouble I encountered while drawing the chopsticks surprised me. That was definitely the biggest challenge I had to face. I met that challenge by using the edge of a paper to create straighter lines and by highlighting the areas where the chopsticks emerge from the shadow. I experienced the shift to right brain artistic thinking in the sense that I began to see the take out container as different shapes rather than one unified piece. My drawing really works in the areas where the box merges with the shadow. Something I learned while doing this piece that I can bring to future charcoal drawings is the importance of blending with an eraser. I found it a lot easier to create a consistent tone. I really loved Jessica's shadows in her drawing and how dramatic they were. If I had a do-over, I would attempt to find a way to make the chopsticks look textured and more realistic. I feel best about the shadow and the blending in my drawing.